If Jacobs cannot bear witness to the traumatic 

           /             /

            systems she experiences such that she cannot or chooses not to write them down in her narrative, how could I as analyst bear witness in her place?

How could I write out (re-encode) the events that she does not speak of?

In addition, it was inconceivable that any historical insider could remove herself sufficiently from the contaminating power of the event so as to remain a fully lucid, unaffected witness, that is, to be sufficiently detached from the inside so as to stay entirely outside of the trapping roles, and the consequent identities, either of the victim or of the executioner. No observer could remain untainted, that is, maintain an integrity--a wholeness and a separateness--that could keep itself uncompromised, unharmed, by his or her very own witnessing...it was also the very circumstance of being inside the event that made unthinkable the very notion that a witness could exist, that is, someone who could step outside of the coercively totalitarian and dehumanizing frame of reference in which the event was taking place, and provide an independent frame of reference through which the event could be observed.

-Dori Laub